Izuku “Deku” Midoriya – INFJ


Despite being one of the rare people who weren’t born with any sort of quirk, our protagonist was determined to follow his dream of becoming a hero, no matter what.
From a very young age, Izuku had his eyes on the stars, admiring his idol All Might, not simply for his incredible strength, but for the underlying meaning in everything he is. Smiling in the face of danger and rescuing those in danger with a triumphant “I am here!”.

We often see Midoriya as a timid, anxious person, almost as if he’s afraid his mere existence would offend someone. But we see an entirely different side of him whenever he is put in a situation where someone is in danger, in need of help. As a child he was often the first to run to a friends aid, where it’s defending someone against bullies, or even checking if those same bullies are okay when they appear to be in trouble.

Most iconically, we see exactly what kind of person Deku is during the entrance exam. He spends the entire exam fretting about the necessary points he needed to pass, while paralyzed in fear at the sudden chaos and his complete lack of experience. But when the 0 point behemoth of an obstacle suddenly appeared and threatened to hurt a girl who couldn’t escape, there was no fear in his mind. There was no room for doubt. While everyone ran away, he risked his life at a moments notice to help someone else, instinctively using his new found power, despite the risks.

Midoriya is very analytical as shown by the detailed journal he kept of all heroes he saw, describing their strengths and weaknesses, fighting styles, and strategies. It’s thanks to this detail oriented analytical way of thinking that gave him an edge against villains and fellow students alike, despite having so little experience compared to them. He uses this knowledge to make strategies and predictions to overpower and defeat his opponents without having to resort to his dangerous and inexperienced power.

Despite his analytical way of thinking, however, he is shown to be a very caring and thoughtful individual, often reading his friends and classmates emotions and problems with ease, and taking it upon himself to help them in some way. Encompassing his idealistic view of a hero as being more than just rescuing a person whose life is in danger, he goes out of his way to help his classmate and opponent accept himself, even going so far as destroying his body unnecessarily, or putting his life on the line to rescue his friend and guide him back to the path of a true hero.

In the end, Deku isn’t like most aspiring heroes, or even pros for that matter. He’s not in it for the fame, money or glory, he isn’t simply trying to become the strongest. His idealistic view of what a hero is goes back to where it all began with his idol, the Symbol of Peace.
Izuku is the definition of a true hero; a truly selfless, self sacrificing person, who prioritizes saving and helping others in any way, above all else. 


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